The Importance of Samples

If you are ordering a custom product, it’s important to do a small test run of your product! This allows you to:

  • Test that the product meets expectations
  • See if there are any changes you want to make before starting a large order
  • Counter Samples
    • You approve 5 samples
    • You keep 2 of those samples and send the other 3 back to the supplier
    • That way you both always have approved samples for comparison
  • Allows you to have a small stock that you can either sell, use as promotional materials, or use as examples/prototypes

Why You Should Pay for Your Samples

You will most likely have to pay for these samples – and you should!

It helps create a trusting relationship between you and your supplier by showing you value their work and effort. They’ll also be more likely to help you out in the future.

This also stops them from trying to recoup their sample creation costs by either cutting corners and using cheaper materials (giving you an inferior product) or by raising prices on future orders.