Sell Overseas/Export

The Buying Overseas Classes are a lower base price than the Selling Overseas Classes right now.  If you have a coupon code received from a partner organization you can enter it at check out. 

Selling Overseas for Beginners – Product Class

When you sell overseas you have different customer expectations, different regulations from that government, concerns about how the product will perform overseas, and more! This class helps you prepare for those outcomes.

Selling Overseas for Beginners – Customer Class

Your customer is always important. But in an overseas sale it can be more difficult to assess your customer- to know if they will pay, if they pose an IP risk, how to manage the order, etc. This class focuses on how to work with overseas customers to make sure both you and they are satisfied with the transaction.

Selling Overseas for Beginners – Price Class

A major aspect of your success selling overseas is how competitive your price is in the market, while also ensuring your profit. This class will cover how to price your product, including calculating all the costs of moving goods across borders.

Selling Overseas for Beginners – Order Class

Your order to the customer becomes a legal document when the goods & money cross the border. So its very important to understand how to format the order, pricing, etc. before you finalize. This class will help you to understand how to establish the best practices for accepting overseas orders.

Selling Overseas for Beginners – Returns & Warranty

Learn how to assess the complications of managing returns and warranties across borders. You may need one policy for domestic customers and another for international.

Selling Overseas for Beginners – Shipment Class

Moving goods across international borders involves many different stakeholders - customs in both countries, the freight forwarder, tax authorities, etc. It is important to understand both what is legally required and best practices to make sure the goods move through without a problem.