Buying Overseas for Beginners – Product Class

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The information we are going to teach you is practical and to the point. Nothing less and nothing more than you need to know to buy overseas. We are going to use importing from China in most of the examples but the process and details are very similar when you buy overseas from most countries. 

Note that even if you order one box of 50 pieces, you are now an importer. So, all the rules that apply to importers, now apply to you.

Along with the training there will be documents we reference – documents that are an integral part of the transaction. They may be documents you will need to create, or they are examples of documents you will receive from the supplier or shipping company.  These are referenced in the training as Addendum documents and are part of the training class.

We are going to structure the training in the order you would proceed in business.  Clarifying your product, finding a supplier, getting the cost, placing an order, establishing quality expectations, making shipping decisions, and troubleshooting -including protecting your IP.  Remember that each time you order a new product, order from a new supplier, or even just place another PO of the same product to the same supplier, you will need to repeat some of these steps.  

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