Buying or Selling Overseas It's complicated

We've got you covered, whether you work full time in international trade or you are just getting started. For beginners we have classes - the Import Series is online now. And for our experienced colleagues we launched a Podcast in October 2022! The Podcast is highly technical topics with experts in international trade.

While the podcast is highly technical  for experienced professionals – the class is for everyone, you don’t need a degree in international business, we made learning easy. 

Go to the Classes page to see what is available now. These classes are practical, hands-on, and in a how to format to help small businesses learn how to move goods across borders. Just what you need to know for your business – and no more.

International Trade Resources Podcast – available on the main menu tab above.  You will see all the episodes and links to the major podcast hosting sites to listen.  Our guests are experts in international trade with decades of experience.  The topics are technical discussions, and we have some “wow” moments in the first few episodes as we dive in with our guests to uncover some industry behind-the-scenes information.  Join us as we discuss how freight billing audits find over charges, the chances of getting products out of a UFLPA detention, and the pro’s and con’s of exclusivity with distributors.  We will add new episodes at least twice a month. Check it out!

International Trade Training – We consider everything we do training. The podcast, the consulting, and now – actual training classes!    See the courses tab for information on the classes we are offering.  Buy the bundle and get a discount!

EASY TO UNDERSTAND:   Simple, common language, some videos and examples make it easy to learn and apply to your business.

ACTIONABLE CONTENT:    Our detailed instruction goes through each step. Taught by experts with hands on experience.

FROM PLACING ORDER TO PRODUCT IN THE WAREHOUSE:  The series covers everything you need to know in logical sections. 

MORE ADVANCED CONTENT AVAILABLE:  If you want to know more on a topic, we will have that too. We are adding more courses!

Learn From Us & Start Today!

Take the one course you need to get your business on track or take the whole series, it's your choice.

Buying Overseas for Beginners – Product Class

For many of our clients their problems start here - they have not documented and defined their product expectations correctly. The factory will do what you tell them, and if you don't tell them effectively they won't do it. In this class you will learn how to get ahead of problems and get the best product.

Buying Overseas for Beginners – Supplier Class

Having a good supplier is so important to a business! In this class we cover how to find suppliers, to qualify them to make sure they meet your needs, to negotiate and set expectations for the product and delivery. This is a critical topic to your overall business success.

Buying Overseas for Beginners – Cost Class

Your final cost, that we refer to as Landed Cost, is critical to gauging your profitability before buying from overseas. This class teaches you how to find out what the extra costs of importing will be for your product and how to calculate the final landed cost.

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First Series - Feel Confidant Buying Overseas

These courses are clearly presented so that you can apply the knowledge immediately.

Kimberly Kirkendall — Founder & CEO.

Our Team has managed international trade for companies, we’ve created import/export programs, lectured on technical aspects of supply chain, and taught at university.

We know how to find HS codes, get pricing from suppliers, fill out the paperwork! Let us teach you. 

We have worked with everyone from start ups to multi-billion dollar companies.

We know the material – and we make it easy to understand.  We have examples of documents, we explain how to manage suppliers, we tell you what common mistakes to avoid. 

We also direct you to resources where you can learn more and get answers to your questions. There is a lot of information and support available FREE from non-profit and government resources. We want you to use it!

How Does The Training Help?

We designed a solution to a problem - an innovative product. We needed to find out how to get it made overseas. Learning how to prepare product documents, identify HS codes, find suppliers - it was critical to our business.
Noel C.
From Denver, CO
I have been growing a promotions business for a few years now, but to really take it to the next level I needed to start importing. The training from IRD helped me understand the process and build an international supply chain!
Deborah B.
From Orlando, FL
I manage suppliers for a SME company, and we relied on outside companies to import. But we had shipments stuck at the port, poor quality. We needed to understand it better, make better decisions. These classes helped me do that!
Andrew W.
From Columbus, OH
Our company grew really quickly and we never stopped to understand how to find suppliers and manage the process of buying overseas. It's safe to say that taking these classes helped tremendously.
Jack G.
From Los Angeles, CA